One more time

Definitely not the finish we’d hoped for. Arsenal’s title challenge simply ran out of gas, at the same time as Man City’s kicked into top gear. The end of the season was particularly hard for our group as we mourned the loss of our friend, Brent Yocom. Despite everything, it’s been an exciting season atContinue reading “One more time”

A big loss

Arsenal’s loss to Brighton & Hove last week, effectively ending their title challenge was depressing and demoralizing. But it pales compared to the personal loss, we endured this week. Long time Bay Area Gooner, Brent Yocom passed away this week. He was 46. Brent joined our group in 2011, and was immediately hard to miss.Continue reading “A big loss”

Just a little more time

Loved Arsenal doing the business at Newcstle. Fully expected it to be one of the sterner tests, but with a little luck, the Gunners persevered in a scrappy, nervy affair. Brighton & Hove Albion FC visit the Emirates on Sunday and I’m not imagining any sort of a cakewalk. The Seagulls have done the businessContinue reading “Just a little more time”

Fight to the finish

As lovely as it was to watch Arsenal trounce a hapless Chelsea, it only put the Gunners back on top for a matter of hours before City beat West Ham to reclaim their spot. The Hammers put up valiant fight, before the reigning champions did what they do and put 3 past them. City showContinue reading “Fight to the finish”

Where are we now?

What a difference a week makes. We now sit in 2nd place, 1 point behind Manchester City and they’ve got a game in hand. The result of our 4-1 defeat at the Etihad Stadium, which quite frankly looked like men against boys. We lost to the better side, but it’s frustrating when your opponent isContinue reading “Where are we now?”

Fighting their way back

This is the big one. Truth be told, it was always going to be about Wednesday’s match at the Etihad Stadium. The young Guns against those plucky financial fair play dodgers. Arsenal has hit a run of draws at an inopportune time while Man City are firing on all their billion dollar cylinders. Still, theseContinue reading “Fighting their way back”

Under pressure

At the risk of repeating myself, if Gooners are honest about this season, most of us would have gladly taken a top 4 finish and seen it as a very successful season. But that’s the thing about expectations and getting them raised, perhaps prematurely. None of us expected the success Arsenal have lavished on us,Continue reading “Under pressure”

Hammer time

Any other year, any other season, we’d probably be thrilled with a draw at Anfield. But I feel a bit conflicted after last weekend’s stressful affair. Either Arsenal dropped points or they battled a fierce foe within the confines of their fortress and left with an admirable result. I still can’t really decide. Stop! HammerContinue reading “Hammer time”

Feeling alright with the crew

Okay, it’s Easter, but we’ve exhausted all the “Jesus is risen” jokes, haven’t we? Our number 9 had 2 of our 4 goals as we dispatched Leeds pretty comfortably last weekend. To be fair, the penalty looked a bit soft, but we’ve been on the wrong end of a few soft penalties in recent seasons.Continue reading “Feeling alright with the crew”

The wait is over

The waiting is the hardest part. These international breaks are the worst. Having to watch Arsenal’s best players run into the ground, interrupting a title run, is excruciating. Then the small matter of Manchester City scum like Rodri, playing for Spain, trying to injure our best players. Hardly coincidence, he saved his most egregious tacklesContinue reading “The wait is over”