Let’s do it again!

Not sure we could have scripted last Friday much better.

A beautiful day in San Francisco’s North Beach, Maggie McGarry’s packed with Gooners, and most importantly, an Arsenal win on the first day of the 2022/2023 season.

As matches go, it was not perfect, but Arsenal started fast and showed us a fast-paced, fluid football, hopefully a promise of the season ahead. We were generally solid in defense with William Saliba impressing. Sure, Palace eventually found their way back into the match, but they didn’t boss us as they have in recent matches, and while we bent a few times, but didn’t break.

Lovely crowd at Maggie’s. Plenty of old (as in long-time, not aged) and familiar faces, alongside new ones, and out of town visitors. Man City fan and Maggie’s co-owner, Mick Graham even wore a Zinchenko Ukraine jersey, which felt like a wry show of support.

Now we get to do it again Saturday for the Emirates’ home opener against Leicester City. Kickoff at Maggie’s is 7am and I hope we see you there!

We’re planning new BAG merch this season, beginning with scarves, which will be available very soon. I’ve already run out of our new stickers, though more are on the way. I did discover a small number of our previous t-shirts recently. Mostly large and XL, home and away colors, as well as some baseball tee’s.

These will be sold first come, first serve, with priority given to Gooners at the pub.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Cheers, Mark

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