What becomes a legend most?

Legend. A term perhaps bandied about too much. When it comes to Arsenal, certain players instantly to mind. For me, it’s these two and I’m not alone. Gooners picked them to occupy the number 1 and 2 spots on the “Gunners Greatest 50 Players” list. And while we’ve had some truly great players since, fewContinue reading “What becomes a legend most?”

The luck of The Arsenal

Always a little worrisome during the buildup to the weekend match, when various people assure you Arsenal will batter the club they’re facing. I always ignore that sort of hubris because it rarely works out the way people predict. Following a 30+ minute technical delay, Arsenal and Leeds battled it out in fast-paced scrappy fashion,Continue reading “The luck of The Arsenal”

Winning: still a thing

The raucous crowd of Gooners who turned up last Sunday at Maggie’s were rewarded for their dedication, with sublime football, some defensive hiccups, a few nervy moments, and finally, a softer penalty than Arsenal are used to getting. But a win is a win is a win and when Saka calmly dispatched the match winner,Continue reading “Winning: still a thing”

No match this weekend

We were just talking about fixture congestion and it’s likely to get worse in the future. The FA has opted to cancel this weekend’s fixtures, out of respect for the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died this week. So obviously no Everton match-viewing this Sunday at Maggie’s and we’ll be back on Thursday for Arsenal’sContinue reading “No match this weekend”

Arsenal’s dance card fills up

Can’t really talk to much about Sunday’s result. A demoralizing loss made more annoying by a smattering of United supporters at our pub. 99% of whom, I’d never seen before. But I suppose our rocket ship had to plummet earthward at some point, and we can now dispense with all the “new Invincibles” chatter. WithContinue reading “Arsenal’s dance card fills up”

An old familiar foe

Heady times for Gooners as Arsenal travel to Old Trafford this Sunday with a 5-0 record to face Man United. The current rivalry may lack Wenger-Ferguson era intensity, but it presents the Gunners with their sternest test so far this season. After a 4-0 thrashing at Brentford, their second defeat to open the season, UnitedContinue reading “An old familiar foe”

Let the good times roll

This time last season, Arsenal started the season with 3 defeats. What a difference a year makes! And for the second week in a row, we get a kickoff time favorable to West Coast Gooners, when Arsenal welcome Fulham on Saturday at 9:30am. More Bay Area Gooner match-viewing pics on Instagram! The atmosphere at theContinue reading “Let the good times roll”

Wait, what time is kickoff?

Last season, it felt like the scheduling gods were f–king with West Coast Gooners. Seemed every other match was either a weekday or a Sunday 6am kickoff. So imagine the unbridled joy of discovering not one, but two 9:30am kickoffs in a row. This Saturday, Arsenal travel to Bournemouth, and with a positively civilized PacificContinue reading “Wait, what time is kickoff?”