Fighting their way back

This is the big one. Truth be told, it was always going to be about Wednesday’s match at the Etihad Stadium. The young Guns against those plucky financial fair play dodgers. Arsenal has hit a run of draws at an inopportune time while Man City are firing on all their billion dollar cylinders.

Still, these are the matches legends are built on, and except for a couple of glaring errors, the Gunners might have beaten them in the earlier match-up. Really want to see Arsenal fight their way back to form.

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Mick and the other City supporters will no doubt be at the pub Wednesday. They really haven’t been much of a presence this season. Perhaps success gets boring after awhile. But you can expect them to crawl from the woodwork for this one. Let’s remind them it’s our pub and generate a turnout to not just rival, but outnumber theirs.

Sadly, I am ill and after arranging this day off, months in advance, it is unlikely I will get to Maggie’s. I’m going to depend on you lot to make a good showing in my absence.

Best, Mark

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