The luck of The Arsenal

Always a little worrisome during the buildup to the weekend match, when various people assure you Arsenal will batter the club they’re facing. I always ignore that sort of hubris because it rarely works out the way people predict.

Following a 30+ minute technical delay, Arsenal and Leeds battled it out in fast-paced scrappy fashion, with the Gunners eking out a 1-nil win on the back of a glorious Saka goal. This in a match that included not one but three critical VAR decisions, the first ruling out a Leeds goal, the second garnering the home side a penalty, before the third denied then another. Nerve-wracking to say the least.

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This Arsenal season continues to defy expectations. The string of victories is one thing, but it also feels like our luck has changed. Season pasts, we don’t get that penalty against Liverpool, and in this match, Bamford’s penalty kick likely finds the back of the net.

To answer Dirty Harry’s iconic question, why yes, this punk feels very lucky indeed. Lucky enough to get to watch the Gunners Thursday in Europa League action and then again at Southampton on Sunday.

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On a personal note, thank you to the many Gooners who turned up last Friday for the Gutter Swan show. Very much appreciated.

I won’t make it Thursday, but will see you back at Maggie’s on Sunday!

Cheers, Mark

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