An old familiar foe

Heady times for Gooners as Arsenal travel to Old Trafford this Sunday with a 5-0 record to face Man United. The current rivalry may lack Wenger-Ferguson era intensity, but it presents the Gunners with their sternest test so far this season.

After a 4-0 thrashing at Brentford, their second defeat to open the season, United supporters took to the streets, calling for the ouster of their owners (again). At the pub, one supposedly lifelong fan, had already written off their whole season. After 2 losses? Gooners experienced moments of despair last season, but I don’t recall anyone jumping ship.

United rallied to defeat arch-rivals Liverpool, Southampton, and face Leicester later today. I am not expecting Sunday to be an easy match.

While it’s not a luxurious late Saturday kickoff, 8:30am Sunday is still very doable and I expect a good turnout at Maggie’s. But with the holiday weekend and people headed to the Nevada desert, who knows for sure.

More Bay Area Gooner match-viewing pics on Instagram!

New Bay Area Gooners scarves turned out to be very popular, selling out before the Fulham match ended. Fear not, a reorder is on its way! Next up, t-shirts!

Getting to Maggie’s can sometimes be difficult for Gooners living outside The City. BART schedules don’t always align for those hoping to take public transit. Challenges coming from the South Bay, inspired the formation of the Silicon Valley Gooners some years back.

More recently, East Bay Gooners have attempted to establish a foothold in Oakland. Jordan Weibe, the man behind Gunner Club has taken a keen interest in rallying those folks, and at present, The Athletic Club Oakland appears to be the spot. Look for him at the matches!

Jordan, back row, second from left.

Here’s hoping we can continue our winning ways Sunday!

See you at the pub!

Cheers, Mark

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