What becomes a legend most?

Legend. A term perhaps bandied about too much. When it comes to Arsenal, certain players instantly to mind. For me, it’s these two and I’m not alone. Gooners picked them to occupy the number 1 and 2 spots on the “Gunners Greatest 50 Players” list. And while we’ve had some truly great players since, few have achieved this legendary status.

Image: Arsenal FC

As for our supporters group, there is of course, Patrick Dunphy, our dearly departed Gooner bartender. He was and always will be, a Bay Area Gooners legend. If you were not lucky enough to know him during his tenure, you can read about him on our About page. A small part of his legend was his willingness to open the pub for us, regardless of start time.

This weekend, we play Chelsea, in another vital match towards our title hopes. There is the underlying drama of former Gunner Aubameyang facing his old club, but for West Coast Gooners, it is the 4am start time, causing the most consternation.

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But view it as a step toward cementing your “legend” status amongst our Gooner family and join us on Sunday. Anyone can turn up for a late kickoff, but it is the staunchest of supporters that turns up for a predawn match at Maggie’s.

Come, be the stuff of legends.

Cheers, Mark

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