Ooh to be a Gooner: Kaylé

Another in our series profiling the Gooners joining us at Maggie McGarry’s on match days. Kaylé Barnes was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, grew up in Houston, Texas, and lived for a time in Washington, D.C., In DC, she watched Arsenal regularly at Lucky Bar (RIP to that bar) with the DC Armory, and found theContinue reading “Ooh to be a Gooner: Kaylé”

No rest in the new year!

Thrilled Arsenal finished 2022 with a win away at Brighton. Despite going up 0-3, the Gunners found themselves with plenty to do in the remaining 25 minutes of the match, as the Seagulls would not die quietly and it all ended with a rather nervy finish. Still, sitting atop the Premiership table with a 7Continue reading “No rest in the new year!”

Last Arsenal match of 2022!

Lovely to see the Gunners continue their winning ways. Gooners at the pub agree we’ve lost the apprehension and despair that permeated last season’s matches when Arsenal would go down a goal. This season’s model has us all brimming with confidence that the team will not only fight back but persevere and get a result.Continue reading “Last Arsenal match of 2022!”

And we are back!

After an intolerable and unnecessary international break, that saw our best player injured, Arsenal are finally back! Can they continue the momentum that has them sitting top of the table? Who will step up in Gabriel’s absence? Will we sign anyone in January? The season restarts with more questions than answers. But the important thingContinue reading “And we are back!”

Ooh to be a Gooner: Mahlon

One might easily believe Mahlon Christensen was predestined to be a Gooner. Some 17 years, ago he wins a 2002-2003 Arsenal away kit during a pub quiz. Soon after, his good friend and rabid Arsenal supporter, Tal, visits and hands him a copy of Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby’s memoir of Arsenal fandom. He immediately connectsContinue reading “Ooh to be a Gooner: Mahlon”

What becomes a legend most?

Legend. A term perhaps bandied about too much. When it comes to Arsenal, certain players instantly to mind. For me, it’s these two and I’m not alone. Gooners picked them to occupy the number 1 and 2 spots on the “Gunners Greatest 50 Players” list. And while we’ve had some truly great players since, fewContinue reading “What becomes a legend most?”

No match this weekend

We were just talking about fixture congestion and it’s likely to get worse in the future. The FA has opted to cancel this weekend’s fixtures, out of respect for the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died this week. So obviously no Everton match-viewing this Sunday at Maggie’s and we’ll be back on Thursday for Arsenal’sContinue reading “No match this weekend”

Arsenal’s dance card fills up

Can’t really talk to much about Sunday’s result. A demoralizing loss made more annoying by a smattering of United supporters at our pub. 99% of whom, I’d never seen before. But I suppose our rocket ship had to plummet earthward at some point, and we can now dispense with all the “new Invincibles” chatter. WithContinue reading “Arsenal’s dance card fills up”

Is this just fantasy?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Possibly both. We’ve launched a Bay Area Gooners Fantasy Premier League via the league’s website. Who doesn’t want a chance to demonstrate your managerial superiority, bench your least favorite players, or simply add fuel to your match day banter at Maggie McGarry’s! Plus, we’ll sort outContinue reading “Is this just fantasy?”