These are the good times

What is there to say? A magnificent win over United in thrilling fashion. And how good is it to see Eddie Nketiah come good! Starting to feel like he may be worthy of that number 14 shirt. The musical tributes, here and here, are piling up.

To quote Chic, good times, these are the good times. Still too early for title talk (IMO), instead preferring to enjoy these players and this manager, as they continue their winning ways. Certainly has made for lively times at Maggie McGarry’s this season.

Our post-match charity raffle was a lot of fun and we raised a bit of cash for Youth Speaks, and it felt good to get back to our charitable ways. Hope to be doing more of this later in the season. Pictures on both our Instagram and Facebook, so give us a follow if you’re still on either of these.

No weekend match, as Arsenal head to Manchester tomorrow to face Citeh in the 4th Round of the FA Cup. Maggie’s will have the match on, for those of you who can take a long lunch, “work from home”, or “take a meeting”.

Let us know if you’ll make it on our the Bay Area Gooners Facebook page.

Sadly, I will be unable to free myself from my work obligations and won’t make it to the pub.

Best, Mark

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