Fight the power

Had a day to reconcile Saturday’s result. On one hand, Arsenal got a hard earned point from a team that hadn’t lost in 10 matches, with wins over United and City under their belts. On the other, the same VAR official who (inserted impolite verb here) the Gunners during a loss at Old Trafford, got a critical offside call wrong, potentially costing them points.

Destiny is still in the hands of the Premiership’s youngest squad. But Man City has found its footing again, seemingly bolstered by a siege mentality, in light of recent financial impropriety charges. They are the reigning power in the league and Arsenal will need a yeoman’s effort by everyone to get a result.

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Those of us headed to Maggie’s Wednesday, will have to contend with our noisy neighbors, a small group of City supporters which sprung up in recent years. Maggie McGarry’s Derby bragging rights are on the line, as is the framed dollar bill, honoring the late, great Gooner bartender, Patrick Dunphy (read more on our About page).


There is still time to ensure you get one of the new BAG t-shirts, we’re cooking up. The new design is going into production soon! We’ll get a variety of sizes but advance ordering is suggested, so as not to miss out. Deadline for preorders is Wednesday.

You will need to pick it up at Maggie’s during weekend matches and I expect them to be delivered in time for the Bournemouth match in early March.

See you at the pub Wednesday!

Best, Mark

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