We’re still standing

Losing 3-1 to the reigning champions is hard. But if we take a breath and reflect on Arsenal’s journey so far, hopefully that perspective will give Gooners some solace.

For much of the match, we were the better squad and gifted them a couple of goals through errant passes and an untimely deflection. But they are champions for a reason, and are able to field two whole sides of immeasurable quality.

In the beginning, I think many a Gooner would be thrilled with a top 4 finish. But then we started winning. Sitting firmly in the top spot and beating the likes of Spurs (twice), Chelsea (twice), United, and Liverpool, heightens our expectations, perhaps unfairly.

If we’re being honest, the Gunners have been over achieving, especially in light of losing our best player. But the season is far from over and we have a string of very winnable matches ahead. Starting with Villa this weekend, which unfortunately for West Coast Gooners, kicks off at 4:30am.

Let us know if you’ll make it on our the Bay Area Gooners Facebook page.

Let’s continue to be unwavering in our support. The bile I’ve seen on social media with reprehensible attacks on our manager and players should not be representative of who we are as supporters.

Sadly, I will be unable to make it to the pub Saturday, but Maggie’s will be open and we’re expecting many of you dedicated Gooners will turn up.

Best, Mark

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