And we’ll keep on fighting

During the waning minutes of our match at Aston Villa, Gooners had every right to feel demoralized. It very much looked like the Gunners were headed for a draw and probably deservedly so. Villa came charging out of the gate and for two thirds of the match, Arsenal looked uneven, squandering one opportunity after another.

But they never stopped battling and two and a half minutes into stoppage time, Jorginho fired a rocket, which fittingly ricocheted off the noggin of former Arsenal goalkeeper, pantomime villain, and chronic time-waster, Emi Martínez, and into the back of the net. Minutes later, Gabriel Martinelli would seal the victory with an empty net goal.

And this is what we love about this club. The spirit amongst the lads seems different from seasons past. The belief in each other is palpable through the TV screen. A genuine sense they’ll keep fighting until the bitter end.

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Meanwhile, this is what dedication to Arsenal looks like in San Francisco. This motley crew turned up at Maggie’s for the 4:30 am Villa kickoff and were justly rewarded. #Legends.

Saturday, everyone is back at it again as Arsenal face Leicester with a slightly more agreeable West Coast kickoff time of 7 am. I’m hoping to be back at the pub this weekend, but regardless, you can expect to see these Gooners and more.

Best, Mark

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